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Badass, smokin' hot and overall, nice to come home to

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i hate these cookies


Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You’re the reason society is crumbling. In 20 years, New York is going to be a pile of ash and dust because people like you exist. This is why I fucking hate tubmlr.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men

Stay strong OP

Waiting for Tanisha to weigh in tbh. 

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I have the weekend off. 


I know this is weird (really weird) but I just want to clean my apartment, do laundry and make lots of good, autumn food. 

Gotta go grocery shopping first. 

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Generally Keith Olberman is a little too sour for my tastes… but not when he’s taking down Derek Jeter, the once very good shortstop of the New York Yankees who somehow has become the second coming of Honus Wagner in the eyes of the baseball world.

And if you’re wondering: I’d totally take Scott Rolen over Jeter.

This reminds me of the greatest SNL Weekend Update bit ever: Point/Counter-point with Derek Jeter and Seth Meyers. The topic of their debate? Derek Jeter sucks/No I don’t

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