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Growing Some Balls




I recently discovered my “other” message box on Facebook. Did you know you have an “other” box? I always assumed I only had one box. I was wrong. And what I found in there is now consuming me.

As some of you remember, a year ago I got fired from Casino Niagara, after some very sexual…

Jesus fucking Christ, I thought the, “he put his kid on the phone” thing was just an urban legend.

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Today, I went to vote in advance polls for our municipal election (AKA Oust The Fords) and I brought my passport and my health card as identification because we didn’t get voter ID cards in the mail yet.

IDK why I thought my health card had my address on it, and I forgot that my passport only has my address hand-printed in it. So, ugh. I should’ve just brought a piece of mail. 

But the woman registering people was like “Well, you can just register as ‘no fixed address.’” 

Me: “What does that mean?” 

Lady: “Well, nothing, really. Just that I have to take your word for it.” 

Me: “Uh, OK.” 

So even though I had the credentials of a homeless ghost, I voted early and now that’s done with. 

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